What's New (or changed) in RCM 6

The following is a list of items that have been changed, updated or added to RCM version 6 from RCM version 5.


  • Completely updated database. Secure and reliable.
  • All data transfers are secure using https.
  • New login procedure. Each teacher is issued an account (their eMail address) and password.
  • Lost or forgotten password retrieval via eMail.


  • Data is no longer saved after X number of grades entered.
  • Data is now automatically saved to the server when (1) there is data to be saved, and (2) two seconds has passed since the last save was made.
  • Visual confirmation when saving by a on-screen "saving" icon.


  • New modern familiar look.
  • Streamlined interface for both RCM and SIMON.
  • The Main Screen and the Report Window have been combined into one screen.
  • SIMON is now integrated into RCM. There is no longer a separate download for SIMON.
  • The My Parent Portal feature is now included. If you choose to enable this feature, parents can login and view/print the report cards. If you are using the RCM Gradebook, parents can also login to see daily grades.
  • RCM's tool bar includes more common functions including Zoom, Gradebook and Edit Grades in List options.
  • Students can be sorted ascending or descending.
  • Native Printing of Report Cards to PDF on Windows.
  • Default Report. RCM will now remember the last report you selected.
  • Window Location. RCM will now remember the location and size of the Report Window.
  • Preferences menu renamed "Options".


  • Principals now have their own login.
  • Principal's Mode is now connected to the principal's account. When a principal logs in, Principal's Mode is automatically activated.
  • Global Mode is now available in Principal's Mode. A utility is not needed to apply global comments.


  • Simplified selection of team teachers.
  • Students can be selected by name, gender, grade level or all.
  • Default fields can be assigned to a team teacher (SIMON only).


  • Updated look.
  • Wider grade columns.
  • Weights and Topics windows combined.


  • Faster startup times (we mean WAY FASTER!).
  • SIMON now loads only what it needs, when it needs it.
  • SIMON now keeps previous year's data and any previous versions of your report cards.
  • You can now set SIMON back to previous years and view report cards including the correct template of the report card as it was in the selected school year.
  • Simplified process when selecting areas on the report cards.
  • Comment Libraries are now edited right in SIMON. No need to edit a library in RCM.
  • You can now pre-fill areas on the report card with a desired grade ("NA" for example) if the teacher doesn't enter a grade.
  • Native Printing of Report Cards to PDF on Windows.
  • When printing, you can now select students by grade level (as well as schools and teachers).


These items are no longer in RCM 6:

  • Working Offline. A live connection to the internet is now required at all times.
  • Preference: Save data to server every X changes (no longer needed).
  • Preference: Socket Timeout Interval (no longer needed).