Report Card Maker Version 6

What's new in RCM 6

There are many changes, updates and improvements to version 6. RCM 6 is a major update. The major changes to version 6 from version 5 are:

  1. Completely updated database. Secure and reliable.
  2. All data transfers are secure using https.
  3. New modern look.
  4. Streamlined interface for both RCM and SIMON.
  5. New login procedure. You no longer select your state, district, school and name. Each user is issued an account (the user's eMail address) and a password.
  6. SIMON is now integrated into RCM. There is no longer a separate download for SIMON.
  7. The My Parent Portal feature is now included. If you choose to enable this feature, parents can login and get the report cards. If your using the RCM Gradebook, parents can also login to see daily grades.

There are many, many updates to RCM6. For example:

  • The Team Teacher process is streamlined and much easier to seup and manage.
  • Principal's Mode is now connected to the principal's account – no need to activate Principal's Mode.
  • RCM's toolbar includes more common functions.
  • And much more!

Click here for the complete list of changes in RCM 6.

Download, unzip, and run. It's that simple.

Note: A login and password is required to use RCM 6. If you do not know your RCM login, contact your principal or your school's technology officer.

  • Report Card Maker 6
    for Windows Computers

  • Report Card Maker 6
    for Mac Computers

  Report Card Maker - Previous Version

RCM Version 5.5
Please note that RCM Version 5 is no longer supported. If your school or district is using version 5, talk to your administrator about upgrading to version 6.

  • Report Card Maker 5.5
    for Windows Computers

  • Report Card Maker 5.5
    for Mac Computers